About Eskrima

Eskrima is a Filipino martial art. It covers work in the reverse order to Ju-jitsu – that is, weapons training first, and then moving on to the empty hand. It was first developed as a means of hiding martial training from oppressive rulers. The kali stick (one of the main weapons covered) imitates a machete, a sword, or another stick-like object that you can use to defend yourself.

Other weaponry we will cover in Eskrima includes: the knife, the two handed sword, the rattan staff (which is flexible), the short staff, and improvised weaponry, such as an umbrella.

We train Eskrima on Saturdays from 8:00am to 10:00am at the Christ Church Hall.

In Eskrima, you will also learn to fall without hurting yourself, throw, fight on the ground (with and without weaponry), fight against multiple opponents, use weaponry both left handed and right handed, learned to throw weapons, and so forth.